Auto Edition

We’ve updated the 21st Century


360˚ Revo: Auto Edition is the cutting edge solution to making your inventory an interactive, digital inventory.


What you get:

Text your customer the exact vehicle they were looking at as they leave your store with a personalized message. This is made possible with the SpinShare™ App.

We will supply you with Google Analytics bi-weekly to see which stock numbers are being viewed the most.

We understand the importance of customer retention, this is why we have built a customer retention form specifically for the purpose of helping you retain more customers. You will be given up-to-the-minute reports on what your customers are looking at.  However, what makes this different from Google Analytics is that it’s not the amount of page views that is being reported in this case, it’s a report of who is viewing those spins.


We can easily embed our 360 technology onto websites like, autotrader, & eBay motors for an even wider audience. Simply copy and paste the URL of the 360 into your listing description, or replace dull videos with this exciting new technology to showcase your inventory!

We also provide SEO/Social Media services through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, & Meta-Tags in order to maximize the exposure of your vehicles.


[one-half last]


See it live on a competitor’s website:

Call today for a free demo at YOUR dealership: 847.833.9300


483 thoughts on “Auto Edition”

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